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What are the Pillars of HR in Japan? Empty What are the Pillars of HR in Japan?

on Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:41 pm
HR is a system which is responsible to drive employees, employer and mainly the firm. Human Resources in Japan comprises three pillars which lay the foundation of any firm. The three pillars are;

1.Nature of Employment
There are mainly two kinds of employment schemes being followed by the team of HR in Japan. One is Contract based employment and other is lifetime employment
The Contract based employment possesses the maximum three years of tenure and it can be extended to the next three years if required.

2. Compensating Japanese employees
The wages in Japan are settled on the basis of seniority level. The older and senior the employee, the more wages they will be paid with. However, few firms have a wider approach towards Skill based compensation in which the employees being paid as per the experience and skills they have.

The employees also benefitted with compensation after being fired regardless of the reason behind the termination.

3. Employee Training
The Rules of employment in Japan also consider the recruitment of freshers and the firm takes the responsibility and afford the cost of training employees. This helps the employer to acquire accurate results in tasks and also helpful for employees who don't need to worry if they are unskilled.
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